LDP presidential hopeful Ruzin meets Greek ambassador Papadopoulou

Skopje, February 18 (MIA) - After Wednesday's meeting with Greek ambassador to Macedonia, Alexandra Papadopoulou, LDP presidential candidate Nano Ruzin said that if elected president, he would lead an active diplomatic policy on all issues of strategic, national and party-free interest.

The meeting focused on topics that burden bilateral relations, Macedonia's Euro-Atlantic integration and the name issue.

"Ambassador Papadopoulou stated that Greece's long-term strategy is that Republic of Macedonia joins EU and NATO, which is currently prevented by the name problem", said Ruzin.

Asked if he believed such claims by the ambassador, the LDP presidential hopeful said, "if a larger forum of diplomats are involved in overcoming the name differences, but also through common position regarding the problem within Macedonia, I don't see any need not to trust her".

Ruzin saluted yesterday's statement of PM Nikola Gruevski, which as he said, puts Macedonia's antique file in the hands of historians and archaeologists.

"I am glad that he finally comes back to the 'real politics' strategy, which would enable the deblocking of Macedonia's path towards EU and NATO", underlined LDP presidential candidate Nano Ruzin.

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