Parliament passes Law on Coat of Arms, red five-point star to be removed

Skopje, November 16 (MIA) - Parliament passed Monday the Law on Coat of Arms of Macedonia with 80 votes in favour and 18 against.

Under the law, the red five-point star is being removed from the coat of arms and envisages the national emblem of Macedonia to be composed of two curved garlands of sheaves of wheat, tobacco leaves and poppy buds, tied by a ribbon decorated with the embroidery of traditional Macedonian folk motives. In the centre of the ovoid frame are depicted a mountain, a lake and a sunrise.

Moreover, signatures are being collected within a civic initiative launched by VMRO-NP party, urging the general coat of arms of Macedonia from 1620 (golden lion on red background) to be endorsed as a Macedonian national emblem.

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