EU Council set to decide over Macedonia accession talks date

Brussels, December 7 (MIA) - EU Foreign Ministers are set to define Monday conclusions regarding the European Commission recommendation on a date for beginning of Macedonia's Union accession negotiations.

Although majority of EU members support the start of negotiations, the chances for determination of a date are slim due to Greece's condition to prior closure of the name row. There is a possibility that foreign ministers leave the decision to the heads of governments at the December 10-11 summit.

According to latest information coming from Brussels, the most realistic option at the moment is delay in the determination of a date, thus avoiding the consequences from a possible Greek veto. It is contemplated that Macedonia's progress is noted and saluted, accompanied by a recommendation for an accession talks date in the future.

The conclusions might also include a recommendation for Macedonia and Greece to work more intensively on settling the name problem. This could mean that a date could be given at an EU summit in the course of 2010, with the first one scheduled in March.

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