In Greece without visas with biometric passports, piece of paper for stamp and 50 Euros per day of stay

Skopje, December 14 (MIA) - Macedonian Citizens as of Dec. 19 can travel to Greece without visas but only if they are holders of biometric passports. When citizens enter and leave Greece, the entry/exit stamp will not be put on their passport, but on a separate piece of paper, which will be available at the border or diplomatic - consular offices in Macedonia.

The Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Skopje in today's announcement in which explains entry procedure to Greece after Dec. 18, welcomes the visa liberalisation for citizens of "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia," adding that this decision will reinforce the already close contacts between the citizens of the two countries.

This piece of paper will also be available as of December 16, 2009, at the Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Skopje and at the Office of Consular, Economic and Commercial Affairs in Bitola (Monday to Friday,11:00-12:00 and 14:00-15:00). Travelers are encouraged to obtain it and fill it in advance, in order to save time at the border. The holders of the piece of paper have the obligation to retain it when traveling within the Schengen area (and not only to Greece) and to retain it for one year after its last use.

Apart form their passport and the separate piece of paper, citizens traveling to Greece might be asked to present at the border documents justifying the goal of their visit and the conditions of their stay in Greece. In particular, travelers should have with them health insurance and documents proving that they work, they are students or retired. Moreover, travellers should carry with them 50 Euros per day of their intended stay in Greece, the Liaison Office of the Hellenic Republic in Skopje informs.

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