ELEM, Russian company Silovie Masini sign agreement for modernisation of Bitola TPP three units

Skopje, December 15 (MIA) – Macedonian Power Plants (ELEM) and Russian company "Silovie Masini"  signed Tuesday in Skopje an agreement for modernisation of the three units of Bitola Thermal Power Plant (TPP).

Total investment for the project on modernisation of the three units is 55.9 million Euro, out of which 35 million Euro are credit and the ELEM will provide the rest of the funds.

In line with the agreement, the Russian company is obliged in the period between 2010 and 2012 to realise the project in the Bitola Thermal Power Plant.

- Being of great importance for ELEM and Macedonia, the modernisation of TPP's three units will be carried out in compliance with a tender from September 2008 by the original manufacturer of present turbines and generators. It should boost the installed power of each of the three units for additional 8,32 megawatts per block i.e. additional 25 megawatts installed power for the three blocks i.e. between 160 and 200 gigawatt hours increased production per year, said ELEM director Vlatko Cingoski after signing the agreement.

The modernisation should expand the exploitation period of the thermal power plants for additional 20 years and to lower costs for their overhaul and maintenance.

Currently, total installed power of TPP Bitola is 675 megawatts. Its three units have been in use for over 25 years.

The upcoming modernisation is the largest investment of TPP Bitola since it was put into function in 1988.

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