Swine flu death toll reaches 26 in Macedonia

Skopje, February 9 (MIA) - Two women, born 1962 and 1981, died of massive bronchopneumonia as a result of A/H1N1 flu in the past three days in Skopje-based clinic for infectious diseases. With the latest cases, death toll from swine flu in Macedonia has risen to 26.

The Pandemic Flu Committee at today's working meeting, which focused on reviewing the current situation involving the new flu, has decided to urge the population once again to be vaccinated against the influenza, because a surge of swine flu patients is expected in March.

Health Minister Bujar Osmani stated after the meeting that although the number of A/H1N1 had been drastically decreased, consequences triggered by the virus could be deadly.

- The Committee concluded that basic recommendation need to be still followed. The citizens and medical staff should continue taking personal measures to prevent the disease from spreading and to receive vaccines, being the most effective means to fight the disease, said Osmani.

Even though up to 600 and 800 swine flu cases are recorded weekly, which is a stark contrast to the period at the end of last year when 10.000 cases were registered per week, Committee's chairwoman Jovanka Kostovska warned the virus was still present in Macedonia and could cause severe and even fatal outcomes.

- The Committee for Pandemic Flu has decided to be prepared to take all required measures and activities, she added.

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