Ivanov: EU without Balkans, Macedonia like unfinished story

Ohrid, 10 June 2010 (MIA) - The oldest continent is in dire need of the spirit of the visionaries and fathers of new Europe. We need Robert Schuman, Jean Monnet, Konrad Adenauer and all other creators of the vision for united Europe, said late Thursday President Gjorge Ivanov at the opening of Ohrid conference "20 Years after Germany's Unification: Lessons for United Europe", organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation Skopje Office.

"Past experiences show that our region had lived in peace when in open space. Today, more than ever, our region needs what is called Pax Europeana (European Peace), which sees Europe as an open space with freedom of movement of people, ideas, capital and goods. An open space where tolerance and celebration of diversities rule, where all carry within their rights and identity", stressed President Ivanov.

According to him, Macedonia can contribute to the realization of the Pax Europeana vision through building and promoting the Macedonian model of inclusive democracy.

"The inclusive model as way of joint decision-making is a reality in the Republic of Macedonia. Ethnic and national communities in Macedonia have all the rights and freedoms known to the world. This is one of the pillars of our security, stability and economic prosperity, since it creates favorable conditions for internal peace, but also trust with neighbors", said Ivanov.

He emphasized that the European Union without the Balkans and Macedonia is like an unfinished story.

"EU should remain faithful to the great vision for a united and open continent. Therefore, we encourage our European partners to remain consistent to this idea, whereas Macedonia's EU accession should not be prevented", said Ivanov, adding that EU could learn a lot from the German unification, which represented a noble act of an extended arm.

The President stated the veto should not be abused for petty and selfish purposes.

"Each new abuse of the veto as principle of functioning among European, including Balkan states, is an anti-historic and anti-European act. If blockades are accepted as a new practice, they can cause a dangerous chain reaction of vetoes, which can drag us into the whirlpool of political anachronisms from the 19th century", added Ivanov.

He said the positive examples should be followed, such as the recent one between Slovenia and Croatia and the settlement of the bilateral border row.

"We will join the EU as Macedonian citizens, with our tradition, values and dignity", concluded Ivanov.

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