Lirim Jakupi-Nacist arrested in Pristina (SUP)

Skopje, 6 September 2010 (MIA) - Macedonia and Kosovo police forces are in constant communication after Lirim Jakupi-Nacist (31), one of the most dangerous criminals and extremists on the Balkans, convicted for murders, terrorist attacks and kidnappings in Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia, was arrested in Pristina on Sunday.

There is still no information whether Jakupi, who is currently in 48-hour remand, will be extradited to Macedonia or Serbia, taking into account his convictions for heavy crimes in both countries.

The Justice Ministry said a wanted circular for Jakupi is still in force. Although Skopje and Pristina have not yet signed an extradition agreement, Jakupi could be handed over to the Macedonian authorities on the grounds of international conventions.

Lirim Jakupi was arrested around noon in a Pristina apartment, where a machine gun, two grenades and two guns were also found.

Jakupi fled from Macedonia following the Brodec village police operation in 2007, when six members of his gang were killed.

During an operation for his arrest in 2004, Jakupi was wounded, but managed to escape the police units, while one of his associates was killed.

The Kosovo police later arrested him, but Jakupi escaped from the Dubrava prison, where he served a 40-year prison sentence.

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