Balkan folklore festival "Hid Bah Sen Fest" in Strumica

Strumica, 10 May 2011 (MIA) - The 20th international Balkan folklore festival "Hid Bah Sen Fest" was held late Monday in Strumica home of culture "Anton Panov", including oriental music and traditional Turkish, but also Macedonian, Romanian, Greek and Bulgarian dances.

"Turks from the entire Balkans have shown there is no politics in culture and folklore. Once again culture proved to be the most beautiful and strongest bridge that connects people. The Balkans is maybe a poor model for Europe due to mutual misunderstandings among ethnic communities, but the excellent friendship between Turkey and Macedonia is a remarkable exception in this Balkan ambiance. It is an honor and pleasure to host this renowned folklore event, which contributes to enhancement of already established ties of friendship among people with pure thought and spiritual value", said Strumica Mayor Zoran Zaev.

The festival was attended by Turkish culture officials, renowned artists, but also guests from Greece, Bulgaria and Romania.

"Hid Bah Sen Fest" resumes in other Macedonian cities in the course of the coming days.

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