A London artist is to publish 12 years worth of saved text messages

London, 15 September 2011 (MIA) - Tracey Moberly has kept every text she has received since 1999 and is about to publishing her collection of almost 100,000 messages in a book entitled, "Text me up!".

It all started after Ms Moberly accidentally deleted an important SMS 12 years ago and from that moment on she vowed never to lose another. Better safe than sorry I suppose.

After the six different handsets she owned over the 12 year period ran out of storage space Ms Moberly resorted to writing texts down, filling more than 30 journals in the process.

The artist, from Shoreditch, said: "Some people think I'm obsessive, but I love looking back at old messages.

"It's like keeping a diary. All my friends say they wish they had kept important texts or ones which meant a lot to them.

"I'm lucky, I can go back to reading those messages any time I want."

The messages, some of which are from celebrity pals such as Banksy and Pete Doherty, record a great deal of things, from the breakdown of her marriage to her friends' reactions to world events, including 9/11.

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