Google doodle celebrates birthday of Robert Moog with playable synthesizer

Los Angeles, 23 May 2012 (MIA) - Google honors the legacy of Robert Moog Wednesday, the father of the modern electronic synthesizer, with what quite possibly is its most elaborate doodle yet - a working Moog synthesizer. Wednesday marks the late music pioneer’s 78th birthday.

The sounds of the Moog synthesizer became a recognizable part of popular music during the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. Acts ranging from The Beatles to Donna Summer to Yes and the Beastie Boys have all used a Moog synthesizer.

Visitors to Google’s main page can play with Google’s creation using the QWERTY keys of their keyboard and the arrow keys to switch between the mixer, oscillator, filter, and oscillator to tweak the sound exactly like the real thing. You can even adjust pitch using a dial on the left size of the doodle to further customize the sound.

If you’re feeling extra creative and proud of your work, the Moog doodle will let you record your work using the tape recorder found to the right of the synthesizer. These creations can then be shared via a link or through Google+.

The Moog doodle is the second time a Google doodle has appeared in the form of a musical instrument. Last year, the search giant honored guitar legend Les Paul with a doodle in the form of a playable guitar. I wonder if Google will give the Moog doodle a permanent home like it did the Les Paul doodle: all we need then is a drum-themed one and you would have a band with instruments made out of Google doodles.

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