Turkey backs Macedonia in Euro-Atlantic integration, in name row with Greece

Istanbul, December 6 (MIA) – Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated the support to Macedonia’s Euro-Atlantic integration and name dispute with Greece. At the meeting in Istanbul with PM Nikola Gruevski, Turkish PM underlined that he felt Macedonia as full-fledged member to NATO and in relation to name dispute called Greece not to make problems, to let Macedonia to be named Macedonia and not to be occupied with unimportant affairs in the interest of region's stability.

Both PMs assessed that mutual goal of the two countries is further meeting the EU standards.

- Our two countries know that there are ups and downs and fast and slow steps on the road to EU, Gruevski said adding that Turkish PM should not give up from expected goal.

Both PMs assessed the political relations between the two countries as excellent but consider that economic relations should be improved.

Gruevski addressed the Turkish-Macedonian business forum Saturday and pointed out that two economic promoters in Turkey will be appointed soon in direction to development of the economic cooperation, and offered technological – industrial zone for the Turkish companies in energy and infrastructure projects.

Erdogan encouraged businessmen to invest in Macedonia underlying that desire exists for cooperation between the two countries but it is important to continue. He said that Macedonia has never been far for those living in Turkey.

Turkish – representatives of 200 Turkish and 100 Macedonian companies attended Macedonian Business Forum in Istanbul.

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