Promotion of book "Omer Kaleshi - Glory to Painting"

Skopje, 28 March 2012 (MIA) - Poetry collection "Omer Kaleshi - Glory to Painting" in French language will be promoted in the Skopje-based French Institute on Wednesday.

The collection contains 25 poems on 25 paintings by Kaleshi, who descends from the Kicevo region, but lives and works in Paris.

The idea for the poems comes from his friend, French poet and philosopher Jacques Lacarriere, said the French Institute and culture association IKON, which host the promotion, held within the Month of Francophonie.

"Using this style of inspiration, other poets from France, Turkey, Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo, Kaleshi's friends and connoisseurs of his work, have united their voices in this book. Every poem in the book represents a dialogue between the poet and the painter, because Kaleshi's work is a poetic feeling. Kaleshi's cosmopolitan spirit, along with his mild and decisive character, make him special as a man and artist, and it is no coincidence that his works are an inspiration for poets", say the organizers.

IKON published the book in Macedonian language last year.

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