Interethnic relations good, few incidents worrying, says Kosovo president

Pristina, 7 June 2018 (MIA) - President Hashim Thaci says Kosovo has seen progress in building good interethnic relations among all communities, but the few recent ethnically motivated incidents are worrying, MIA reports from Pristina.
Thaci says in a Facebook post that tolerance was, is and will remain a virtue of the Kosovo society, especially during the holidays celebrated in June.
"The few interethnic incidents in recent days are worrying. We should stand in the way of such behavior and prevent it from becoming acceptable in our society. All communities in Kosovo celebrate days and dates in the course of June. This should be respected by all, while condemning all attempts to thwart their observance," stresses Thaci.
He urged law enforcement to dedicate more attention and undertake all actions towards preventing any incidents.

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